Salvadore has had varied career, first as a rock musician, signed to MCA records in the early ninties with his rock band Spread Eagle, for which he wrote all of the music. He then went on to score music for movies, including The Basketball Diaries, starring Leonardo DiCarprio and Marc Walhberg. The movie also featured the pivotal song, Strawberry Wine, which he co-wrote and performed with Adam Flax for their band Massive Internal Complications.

He then wrote and produced several pieces for VH1, notably the opening pieces for Behind The Music and The Rock n Roll Picture Show, as well as many others. Since then he has scored other movies and pieces for TV, including extensive commercial work for Bank of America.

In 2001, while in Sweden, Salvadore wrote the songs and lyrics for the album Lisa Ekdahl Sings Salvadore Poe, which became a Gold Record in France.

He has produced other artists, co-writing and performing the records. He is also a singer/songwriter and has written and produced countless of his own songs.